Personal Assistant

Job description


This position provides key and timely administration support, facilitates policies and audits services in every section of the hospital. This can include a variety of different administrative tasks, ranging from scheduling appointments and meetings, reception support, creating reports on service delivery and front desk appraisals, memos, preparing directives as required by Management, ensuring the premise if kept in good service order, resolving public complaints and issues and acting as a face of the administration to members of the public who want to contact them. Your duties may vary from day-to-day depending on the needs of the hospital administration. Essentially, you will be the administration’s right hand when it comes to a variety of different tasks.



• Diploma, Bachelors' Degree or Masters in relevant fields

• At least 5 years experience as a Personal Assistant

• MUST love animals

• Healthy and must have no allergies or asthma - you will be required to go to the vet with the Director to see the animals



1. To ensure that the Hospital is running effectively in discharging its services

2. To improve customer service and client satisfaction.

3. To coordinate and manage ongoing marketing plans, promotion and education via online (i.e. Facebook & webpage) or inhouse platforms.



• To perform all secretarial tasks as required by Director and to ensure “Good Standard of Practice” is followed in administration of the Hospital.

• Support superior in managing day-to-day operating expenditures against operating budgets to ensure efficient usage of resources

• Monitor, audit and report on departmental SOP’s, service delivery and customer service requirements.

• Ensure customer service is periodically reviewed for the following departments (Reception, Nurses, Pets Paradise, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy)

• Maintain a customer complaints/issues log and follow up on customer issues amicably.

• Ensure a culture of clear communication and recording is maintained to ensure that information is not misunderstood by clients expecting good service delivery.

• Manage and update the company’s official Online Platforms (Facebook and corporate web page) and work with the marketing team on articles, videos and updates to maintain a positive image for the site.

• Formulate message content and work along with the marketing department to ensure programmes, information and updates are tastefully and correctly displayed.

• Handle incoming phone calls, including screening calls and ad hoc tasks to ensure good hospital operational flow, as needed during periods of short staffing and peak operational periods.

• Monitor policies and procedures in departments were HOD leadership is weak and prepare audit report.

• Track self/team progress against key performance indicators and sales plan. Prioritize and review daily sales activities performed.

• Serve as the bridge between hospital administration members and the public, with an overall goal to improve customer satisfaction, and sustain good service delivery.

• Anticipate the needs of hospital administration and act accordingly.

• Positively represent administrators and the hospital as a whole over the phone, in writing and in person.

• Schedule appointments for administrators and manage department calendar/duty roster.

• Participate in staff appraisals and reviews.

• Coordinate meetings and minute preparation for dialogue sessions between departments. (i.e. finance, reception, nurses, vets etc)

• Coordinate daily meetings with the Directors to update them on the on daily weekly, monthly reports and suggestions for forward planning.